Backlit Keyboards

Baclklit IP65 Sealed Keyboard DS86W-HL

The DS86W-HL back-lit keyboard offers all the features of the standard sealed device but also incorporates an electroluminescent foil to provide a low intensity light source. The light from the foil is transmitted to the keytops by diffusing light guides providing a restful back-lit effect in very low light conditions. The IP65 level of sealing and the back-lit effect makes this keyboard ideal for use in security products, covert operations equipment, shipborne equipment, laboratories, etc.


Technical Information

Keyboard Specification
Key travel 1.5mm (+ 0.2mm over travel) tactile
Life Expectancy 1 million ops.
Illumination EL-foil with approx. 10,000 hrs illumination
Dimensions: 298 x 142 x 22 mm
Sealing Fully sealed to IP65

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Backlit Sealed Keyboard DS86W-HL