IP65 Sealed Keyboards & Keypads

DS 102 W Dust & Splashproof Keyboard

Full-Travel 19" Compact Keyboard


The "DS 102 W" keyboard is well proven for use in harsh industrial environments. Full dust and splash proofing combined with extreme scratch resistances are the characteristics inherent in the design of this keyboard.

Design Advantages

Technical Information

DS 102 W: Mechanical Data
Travel: 3.25 mm
Operation Force: 0.65 N with tactile feel
Technology: Carbon-contact
Total Height: 30 mm at row three
Dimensions: 405 x 185 x 36.5 (max) mm
Number of Keys: 102 keys, compact layout
Durability: 10x106
Storage Temperature: - 40C to + 70C
Operating Temperature: 0C to + 50C
Protection: IP 6,5 according DIN 40050, 40052, 40053
DS 102 W: Electrical Data
Power Supply: + 5 V/DC max. 30mA
Bidirectional Serial Output: IBM format
Other information: autorepeat
internal memory 20 Byte
16 k EEPROM memory
scan time 16 ms
DS 102 W Dust & Splashproof Keyboard

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