IP65 Sealed Keyboards & Keypads

DS86 W Dust & Splashproof Keyboard

Compact Sealed Keyboard Dust & Splashproof with Integral Finger Mouse


Technical Information

DS 86 W: Mechanical Data
Travel: 1.5mm, tactile feel
Operation Force: 0.60 N
Durability: > 1 million ops
Storage Temperature: - 40C to + 80C
Operating Temperature: -10C to + 60C
Protection: IP 65
Standard Colour: Grey, white, RAL 9002
Dimensions: 298 x 142 x 22 mm

DS 86 W: Electrical Data
Power Supply: + 5 V, 10mA
Interface: AT-PS/2 standard, USB, ADB optional
Interface Mouse: RS 232, PS/2 standard, USB, ADB optional
Cable: 1.5m round cable
Other information: 3 LED status reading

Design Advantages

Ordering Information

Order Example
Article No: 980010211
Keyboard: DS 86 W
Language: German
Interface: AT
Mouse: Assembled on the right side

Article Number: 98001
Languages (2): VV
Interface (1): W
Mouse left/right (1): X
To be panel mounted (1): Y
Custom Designed (2): ZZ

Mouse Type
Mouse DD X
Mouse right MR 1
Mouse left MI 2

Panel Mounting
To Be Panel-Mounted EEE Y
Standard EBV 1
Part Code: DS 86 W
Languages (2): AA
Interface (3): BBB
Mouse left/right (2): CC
To be panel mounted (2): DD
custom designed (3): EEE

Languages AA VV
German G 02
US International US 08
French F 07
English UK 03
Swedish S 05
Spanish E 07
Danish D 10
Italian I 12
Belgian B 13

Interface BBB W
AT 5-pol DIN mouse 9-pole SUB-D AT 1
PS/2 6-pole mini DIN mouse 6-pole mini DIN PS/2 2
ADB Macintosh ADB 4

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
PC/AT and PS/2 are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation.

DS86 W Dust & Splashproof Keyboard

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